Monday, July 16, 2007

Snake Surprises Pa. Man Pumping Gas

The following article struck a chord with me. It reminded me of a time, long ago and in a galaxy far, far away. OK, Fairfax, California, 1978(ish). Picture it - David Nelson's house in the hills, full of cages of snakes and other reptiles (he was having a really WEIRD mid life crisis). Why did I agree to feed those snakes for him?

By Associated Press

Mon Jul 16, 1:39 PM

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - A snake slithered out of the engine compartment of a man's SUV when he stopped to get gasoline, causing a bit of commotion at the station. Scott Naylor was at a Wawa convenience store in the city on Friday morning when a woman at the gas pump next to him began yelling, police said.

A boa constrictor more than 5 feet long was emerging from Naylor's engine compartment, police said. It slithered out to the store's parking lot, where police were able to capture it.

"It created quite a traffic jam there, because everybody wanted to see the snake," said police Detective Mark DiLuzio said. "(It's) something you don't see every day in a Wawa parking lot."

Naylor told authorities the snake wasn't his and that he had no clue it was in his vehicle, police said.

A wildlife control expert suggested the cold-blooded snake, which might have been an escaped pet, went up into Naylor's engine block to keep warm.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this could be "Squeeze"? My friend George had a pet boa whom he kept in a cage in his apt. in John Day. One day Squeeze went missing and was never found. It was a very hush hush subject, as George lived above his Dad's dental office. The concern was all the patients would go elsewhere. I would not have blamed them! Sheree