Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seriously Bad Weirdness

Or seriously weird badness... however you choose to look at it. For some time now, Deb has been telling me that if I need hired help to do work in my yard, she had a homeless friend who would do it and who did a really good job whenever he worked for Nic and her. A few days before the dinner party, Deb brought John up (he lived in San Jose and took public transportation to SF, where Deb gathered him up and brought him here) and he spent a few hours working in my yard. He did an excellent job and I gave him $100 cash, lunch, and all the Dr. Pepper he could drink (his request).

Deb called a couple of days ago very concerned - nobody had heard from John for about ten days. She and Nic did some checking and they found out that he was cooking dinner, had gone out to buy groceries, and never returned to the little place he had built himself on a riverbank in San Jose. They were very concerned that he may in fact be an unidentified hit and run victim in the morgue. Today, they found out that while he was not the victim of a hit and run (that person has yet to be identified, poor soul) he was, in fact, dead and at the morgue, the victim of an apparent attack of ventricle fibrillation. He was in his early forties and a very nice person. RIP John.

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DebGrabien said...

Ventrical fibrillation, the lethal one. It's where the lower chambers of the heart start trembling and can't pump blood at all, because the beats are disturbed.

I just posted a public memory of him: