Monday, July 02, 2007

Rick Springfield Redux

Okay, okay, so I just celebrated the one year anniversary of my personal encounter with one of my favorite singers, Rick Springfield. How did the producers of General Hospital know this?

Rick showed up in today's episode (he is only sporadically on the show so one has to watch EVERY episode to make sure one does not miss him) and all during the show, the other characters were pointing and whispering. Dr. Noah Drake finally has it with the whispering behind his back and someone holds up a newspaper stating that 80s rock icon "Eli Love" is coming to Port Charles. Eli is a dead ringer for Dr. Drake. Now ordinarily, this separated-at-birth twin thing works on soap operas but how can it work on GH when the aforementioned Dr. Drake left the practice of neurosurgery back in the early 80s to pursue a career as a rock star? Are we supposed to set that aside? I have wondered for the past eighteen months or so how they were going to introduce or resolve that strange exit and could not understand at all why it was never mentioned on the show?

I can only imagine that the upshot of all of this is that they will bring out Rick to perform on GH at some point during the summer. Personally, I cannot wait until August 4 when I Rick and I will be reunited in Santa Rosa.

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