Friday, July 06, 2007

Meanwhile, back in the emergency room

No, not me... Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital!

This story line is getting dumb and dumberer (as the movie title goes). First, the writers introduce Eli Love as an 80s rock singer who is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Noah Drake. Then, the same writers paint Dr. Drake as uptight about the fact that he is a surgeon and the rock singer is a person whose chosen career path is, by comparison, not worthwhile (meanwhile, they drag Epiphany into it when they have her dress down Dr. Drake over his comments on the noble profession of musician, alluding to her early start in life as a groupie (what the effing eff are they talking about)). Subsequently, the aforementioned rock star is brought into General Hospital, suffering from some sort of brain injury and has Dr. Drake, senior, staring at what must be his separated at birth twin while Dr. Drake, junior, also freaks out. One of them will have to operate on the rocker... stay tuned for this stupid story line, which I am sure will only get worse.

I went over to the GH message board and nobody mentioned that Dr. Drake left GH in the 80s to be a rock star. Maybe I am mis-remembering? I guess I could have confused Noah with Miguel, the hospital orderly who went on to be a big star in the early 90s, as played by Ricky Martin or Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones, the rock singer turned CIA spy? I could swear that Noah left GH to pursue musical ambitions but maybe that was just Rick. God, am I rewriting history? If so, I guess David Nelson is not the only one who does that!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Rick left GH to pursue his music? I like the idea of rockin' Drs. though. I work with a few but, they can't sing. S