Sunday, July 29, 2007

The latest from Steve Block regarding Jerry Day and the Hard Rock pre-party on August 1:

Also along with Jerry Day we have a pre-show Party at the Hard Rock Cafe at Pier 39 Weds night August first. There is some misinformation going out about who's going to play. A few months ago the Hard Rock asked me for my wish list of who I wanted to play on August first, I sent them a list of friends I wanted to play with. As always things don't always go as planned and also I had a Death in my family, so I wasn't able to talk to everybody I wanted to.Then The Hard Rock posted my wish list as if that's who's going to play,...without their or my permission. First I want to say I'm sorry to those folks I haven't been able to contact and invite like Jackque and Gloria, the Rowan Brothers , and Bob Mathews and also say sorry to people like Bill Laymon , Martin Fierro and Barry Flast for using their names without permission. Also I'm sorry to anyone who wanted to come to see some of these people who aren't going to be there,..I'm sorry all...

Now let me clear some of it by telling you all who is going to be there: First of all there are no tickets and it's supposed to be free, but I got no problem with the Bio-Diesel thing which the Hard Rock is asking 5$ for,.but I wanted this to be for the Jerry Day show or Bill Laymon, or something...but anyway:
Django Obscura is opening at nine o'clock and then morphing into the Shimoon Allstars,..and friends,...who are..
Peter Harris: Guitar and Vocals
Charlie Harris: Bass and vocals
Greg Anton: Drums
Pat Campbell: Guitar, Bass, Mando, Dobro, Harp. vocals and...
Steve Farzan: Keys and Vocals
Zanne Mack: Vocals and Guitar
Steve Block: Guitar and Vocals
special guests that we can confirm
Futoshi Morioka: guitar
Bill Culter:Vocals

I'll have a couple of more names later,.but I don't want to advertise them till I talk to them but There WILL be more guests that much I can promise!!!
but with a core band like this,..who needs guests

Now if you want to hear Bands that sound like the Dead or Jerry Garcia, then come to the Park on Sunday,..we are paying homage to Jerry but we aren't trying to sound like him or even play his songs. While we will be doing some Dead and Garcia songs,...we'll be covering a lot more than just that and just having a good old fun time. I'm sorry for any misunderstandings and please send this message out to anybody you think should see it...
thank you all for your understanding,...and I hope to see ya Wednesday Night


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