Monday, July 09, 2007

The Goats - RIP

That is about all I can say. I have spent the morning crying over the senseless deaths of 243 goats in San Rafael over the weekend. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE small, helpless animals died when the truck carrying them to their new job (grazing) overturned. Some were killed in the accident, others suffocated to death because San Rafael's finest would not allow the doors to the vehicle to be opened. This has made me so sick I cannot stop crying or throwing up.

Now, maybe the vehicle carrying the goats was over-laden (ya think??) but refusing to allow the doors to be opened and the animals to get out in time to prevent suffocation, that is true cruelty.

Idiots. This world is run by idiots. And other idiots (us) have put them in charge.

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