Friday, July 06, 2007

Down Memory Lane (and then some)

I was sorting through a box of papers and photos and came across this stunning picture of me, taken on the Greek island of Hydra, a long time ago. For some weird reason, a group of paparazzi followed me all over the island and finally found me at my hotel. They had taken a lot of photos of me, thinking I was a celebrity (???). I never quite figured out who the hell they thought I was. When I bitched at them for taking photos without my permission, they gave me the pictures, some of which were really good and if I find the rest, I might post them here.

This whole episode was mostly notable because it was one of the rare times I was flat chested enough to wear Givenchy couture, which I adored back in the day (you have to give up dreams of looking like Audrey Hepburn when you land up 5'4" and a minimum of a double D bra size). Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I think they thought you were Jackie O.! Seriously, I think you look like her. Sheree

Mizshely said...

Thanks - I think! She was old enough to be my mom! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a compliment. Jackie was beautiful. I wasn't thinking about the year though! She was a few years older than you.....oops! She always looked good, and muich younger than her stated age. Since I share a birthday with John Kennedy, I was quite the Kennedy fan growing up. That is how I remember it a 5 year old when I learned the Pres. and I shared the same day I was certain we had a lot in common. I insisted on sending cards to the White House. And you know,back in those days they replied! S

DebGrabien said...

It was the glasses and the "screw you" expression, methinks.

Mizshely said...

I remember the replies from the White House. I got a signed letter from JFK when I wrote to him about the Native Americans and the way the US government was treating them. I was 11 and SO thrilled.
And FYI, Mr. Clinton also sent me a signed letter.
Needless to say, Nixon never responded and I never thought either Bush worthy of my time except to send an occasional email saying "You're an idiot, did you know?"