Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Any Dream Will Do

With apologies to Andrew Lloyd-Webber... I was up all night with one hell of a gusher. Around 8 PM, I felt that weird sinus pain come on which always precedes a nosebleed. It was hard to read, concentrate, or even watch TV so I went to lie down (off and on checking my email as we addicts are prone to do). Around 10-ish, I felt very strange and disconnected, reached for a tissue, blew my nose (we all know my illustrious history of lusty blowing) and out popped a giant blood clot. And I guess that clot was the finger in the dike, so to speak, because right after that, I had the worst episode I have ever had. Blood was all down the front of me, on the bed clothes, on the bedroom floor, in the hallway, and on the kitchen and bathroom counters and floors. And it did not stop.

As out of it as I was, I did have the presence of mind to monitor my blood pressure - at one point, it "spiked" to 127/81 (until I gained all this weight, it held steady at 90/60 and after the weight gain, it is usually 112/70). I do not think this is caused by hypertension.

I called Debbie Carney whose son used to have these episodes and she suggested pinching at the source and applying an ice pack. Done, no change. So I called Joanee who came over at 11 PM with Vitamin K to aid the clotting process. I need to get to the lab tomorrow for testing and have to schedule that long overdue MRI on my sinuses. I ended up sleeping on a package of frozen spinach because I did not have a malleable ice pack.

Meanwhile, here I am at home, really out of it and not much improved although the bleeding has stopped.

Did I mention I hate this? Have to go lie down, been upright far too long.

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Anonymous said...

OMG....that sounds awful! I am glad you are getting this checked out. Please let me know how you are doing. Sheree