Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Photo Quiz

Still no correct answers. Darlene Di Domenico was sort of correct when she guessed Styx. But this is not the late 70s/80s Styx. This is Butch Engle and The Styx, Marin County's own, probably about mid 1965-1966 because the lineup was Larry Gerughty (keyboards), Rick Morrison (drums), Butch Engle (vocals), Bob Zamora (guitar) and Hap Smith (bass). Late 1966 saw Rick Morrison replaced by Barry Lewis and by mid 1967, the band had broken up and Larry Gerughty went on to form Morning Glory (yes, THE Morning Glory who are listed on the skiing skeleton Dead poster from King's Beach in 1968 - I was there). And this is all of great importance because... well, because it just IS...

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