Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Lied...

Upon further investigation, that crash I heard was not so benign. What I thought was the sound of keys hitting the kitchen floor (OK, I did not bother to go look except at the crystal) was actually the sound of a giant dracena which was decorated with purple and red Marmaduke's Marauders bells (you had to be there) crashing to the floor in the living room, narrowly escaping a display cabinet full of priceless (to me, anyway) objets d'art such as an antique Thai dancer's headdress (I cannot believe that years ago, when Lyn and I went backstage at the King and I in Orange County (the Royal National Theatre production with Hayley Mills and Victor Talmadge and Randall Klitz on bass in the orchestra pit - big attraction there) I actually asked the wardrobe mistress how she cleaned those headpieces, explaining that I had an antique one and it terrified me to touch it - and she leaned over and BLEW on it and laughed) and the beautiful Home, Home on the Road NRPS hood ornament sculpture that Rick Baker gave me. (I cannot swear to it, but I believe you have just visited one of the world's longest sentences). Major catastrophe averted although there was potting soil all over the white carpet. (I recently asked Steve Block to help me move the plant outside but he thought it would be too much for us and said no). Anyway, I righted the plant and dragged it out on to the deck before I finished cleaning the spilled soil. What a way to start the day! I need to go get ready to meet Martha Wax and go see Moon Alice in San Francisco (12:30, Union Square) and then run back to Marin because we have big plans to see Carlene Carter tonight at Rancho Nicasio.

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