Monday, May 21, 2007

The headband/scarf thing

Looking at those two photographs in the previous post, it occurred to me that wearing headbands must be a gemini trait... David Leo Nelson, born 6/12/43 (and coincidentally, on 6/12/63 *I* graduated from 8th grade) and John Christopher Depp, born 6/9/63 (while I was still in 8th grade and you all care because...) are both habitual wearers of those stupid headbands. Personally, I think Mr. Depp is a closet Nelson fan and is wearing the head gear as his own particular tribute to David.

Just a thought.

And now, if we could just get Johnny Depp to a Nelson show...

BOGGLES THE MIND, doesn't it????


Anonymous said...

Good observation! Does this only apply to male Geminis?....inquiring female Geminis who turn 50 in a few days want to know . I am drawn to those headbands,and always wondered why.This could be the answer.DNs middle name is LEO? Who knew? My ragdoll cat is named Leo.

Dar said...

As far as I am concerned, Johnny Depp can wear anything he likes, anywhere, anytime..mmmmmyum...Dar