Thursday, April 19, 2007

Six Degrees of Desperate Housewives

I know, I should be writing more about THE TRIP, but this just blew me away so I decided I needed to write about this before my mind could move on (probably need to be fixing a hole where the rain comes in to keep my mind from wonderin').

Anyway, ever since Desperate Housewives came on the air a few years ago, I kept thinking "that guy looks familiar" about the hunky plumber (whose character is Mike something, I think, I rarely watch the show). Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and as I was going through a box of stuff, I came across a program for Brett Rickaby's play, "Asylum." You know, I remember seeing the play in Stockton with my husband, who did not like it (probably resented the Brett thing and the fact it was about a dysfunctional family) but I don't really remember too much - a lot was going on in my life at the time. Anyway, later on, the play re-surfaced in Los Angeles. Back to the box of stuff - I found a press kit Brett had sent me and of course, started flipping through it. There on the second page, under "Who's Who" was Jamie Denton as inmate #1. Yes, the same James Denton who now plays the hunky plumber on Desperate Housewives. And then I remembered all of the emails we had exchanged back in the day. Life is funny, huh? Funny how... like I amuse you? Anyway, more to this little story.

I read through the entire playbill and in the back, under Production Thanks, it lists a lot of names of people and businesses and there, right between the Mark Taper Forum and Pink Copy Center is -- Michelle McFee. Geez. I worked on a project with a desperate house husband and didn't even know it.

As I often say, you can't make this stuff up. You just can't. And here is the proof:

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