Friday, April 06, 2007

NRPS Minus 5 and Counting

Heard from Captain Toast today - we got the hotels squared away but have to "drive one hour in good weather with no traffic" after the show to get to the hotel. However, Toast assures me this particular hotel is worth it because it was voted best hotel of the New Riders' 2006 touring season (out of 100 hotels). And I must say, the folks at the hotel were very accommodating when I called to voice my special needs (my non-smoking room must be nowhere near the laundry, the elevator or the ice machine, have no strong chemicals used in the rooms, no perfume worn by the maids who service the rooms). They said cool, we can do that! Yeah! Word has it that there may be a few bottles of Patron arriving at that hotel via Federal Express... Yeah! Let's reprise the good times from November and December!!!

I can hardly wait to see everyone again, especially Sound Dawgy, Little Toast, and Skare Crow in addition to Captain Toast and the guys in the band. And having Brad and Tricia there will make this whole thing really special.

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