Wednesday, April 25, 2007

M-a-rmad-u-k-e spells Marmaduke...

Someday when I get brave enough, I will post the lyrics to that little ditty (written in 1969 to the tune of George M. Cohan's "Harrigan"). Once, I actually wrote down the music and the lyrics for John and somehow, David Nelson, appropriator of all things NRPS, ended up with it. He pulled it out of his bag of tricks to show me a few years ago and I was blown away!

Anyway, this is not about the song. This is about John. I spoke with him yesterday and he is doing pretty well and says "hi" to everyone out there. He said he is planning to come up for his birthday, which is June 16 although he told me June 15 but maybe that is the day of the flight - you would think he would know his own birthday by now! I cannot wait to see him!!!

Oh yea, and back to Harrisonburg, VA... when Tricia and I went on our now infamous shopping spree to the Dollar Tree (big spenders, the both of us), we were walking through the mall and that old song, "Leaning on the lampost at the corner of the street in case a certain... walks by." I forgot what the real lyric was supposed to be because the Marauders always sang "in case a certain David Torbert walks by." I think you had to be there.

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