Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Suffering in Silence

(or maybe not - honk! honk!)
Even with antibiotics, this nose thing is still going full throttle (or, should I say, full nostril). My nose blowing expertise is legendary: how many other ladies can claim that the blowing of their nose at the Troubadour in Los Angeles caused Steve Goodman to put her in his act for several years to come? Who knew! In late fall 1972 (probably early December) I was sitting in the balcony of the club with Jody Maphis and we were watching Steve Goodman sing "City of New Orleans" and that song he wrote about his mom getting out of prison and the pickup truck and all that, and he kept whining about his cold and blowing his nose into the microphone. The power of suggestion was too much for me so I reached into my purse for a tissue and blew MY nose. Unfortunately, the club was silent at the time and I needed no microphone. EVERYONE turned around and laughed and Jody slid way down from me! Steve made a comment about how loud my nose blowing was, unplugged, so to speak, and he wrote that into his act (I found that out a few years later when I had dinner with Don Williams' manager who also handled Steve at the time - he couldn't believe he actually met That Girl.)

Anyway, back to the current situation. I waited all day for Bethy to come by (we were supposed to go shopping) and she never showed. I finally gave up and ran up to the store for more kleenex and when I got back, there was a bag on the door-knob, Beth had come and gone. In five minutes!


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