Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Hero(es)

I love this picture of three of my favorite people in the world - Michael Falzarano, Captain Toast, and Johnny Markowksi. Martinis??? What happened to the Patron!

Another great photo by Sheree

Captain Toast has saved the day, once again! Three cheers for Captain Toast!

(that was the ol' Bobby Ace cheer)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the photo! I do, too. I just wish the "phantom" hand wasn't in it.You are pretty good with photo shop and can problably get rid of it.It belongs to the owner of Lefty's. I like his wife, but he is not that friendly so I "bleeped" him out.....LOL, we won't tell him that.BTW, our friend Steve owns a business in San Rafael....Light Rain. That's exactly what he does(photo enhancement, etc0. He can whiten teeth...add hair, you name it! One time he even "shaved" Bill Gates on the computer for some kind of corporate report. Now, is that lazy or what? Gotta go....DH is screaming some article at me that DFIL sent from the chronicle titled "Grateful Dead Gear".....sounds amusing. S