Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The first day of the new year is already over

and I have done nothing with it!

Well, not entirely true. I did spend the day coughing so much that my ribs hurt. And I slept most of the time (when I was not coughing) and ate 1/2 an orange, which is all I could get down. Sinus cavities on both sides are throbbing, eye sockets popping out and in general, freezing cold, even with the heat set to 65 (which is hot for me, at least at night). I did drink a cup of hot chocolate with cayenne and cinnamon in it - that is my favorite drink these days anyway and it really opens the sinuses.

Bethy and I were supposed to go shopping today (I think I have converted her to my favorite pastime - uh oh!) but she was not feeling well, either. We may try to go tomorrow. Then again, I should get some sleep at SOME point. Oh yea, I slept all day. No wonder I am wide eyed now.

Lots of good gossip on the rock and roll front but I cannot share yet. Suffice it to say, 2007 looks to be a doozy on the Bay Area rock scene! But, I can say no more...

Watched a repeat of Letterman with Sean Lennon. He mentioned that he had written an entire album about a personal issue which was never resolved because his friend died before they could patch things up. Sounds REALLY familiar to me. Another lovely note on which to start a new year but I guess that really does not count because it was a re-broadcast of an October show!

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