Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kennedy Center Honors

So there I was, all prepared to crash after a long, long day (don't ask) and I flip on the television and there is someone who looks like Christine Ebersole singing "It's As If We Never Said Good-Bye" (another one of my favorite songs - from "Sunset Boulevard") and then exiting the stage with a dramatic flounce. This is followed by the current Evita from the London revival, Elena somebody (not so good, I might add, she is certainly no Elaine Paige or Patty Lupone) singing and dancing (or making a valiant attempt to do both - she does not have too much "star quality"). Next up is Josh Groban singing "Music of the Night" and Betty Buckley and Sarah Brightman singing "Memory." I'm trying to figure out what the HELL is this show. They cut back and forth from the stage to the balcony where ol' Andrew Lloyd-Webber himself can be seen singing along with his own music and/or exercising his jaw to alleviate TMJ symptoms and/or exhibiting strange signs of Tourette's Syndrome; Steven Speilberg and Dolly Parton are sitting in the box with ALW and I think, this must be the Kennedy Center Honors. Sho' nuff, honey chile, it is indeed that time of year. The tribute to ALW is followed by a tribute to Dolly Parton, who looks really good. I guess the third honoree is Spielberg. This is one hell of a strange lineup and the list of guests paying tribute is even stranger.

Perhaps some day they will honor John Dawson and the New Riders of the Purple Sage at this award show. One can only hope.

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