Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jingle All the Way

Here is a link to a great video of Earl Scruggs, Randy Scruggs, Gary Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs, and a couple of others playing "Jingle Bells." I tried to send it to some friends but hopelessly messed up on the cutting and pasting of email addresses (I think I am WIPED OUT from the drive home yesterday and should probably not have attempted anything remotely technical until I have passed the mandatory two day recovery period. Anyway, it was great to see the Scruggses again, even on video.
"Jingle Bells"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.It was fun. And thanks for your pop up ads! They gave me the perfect gift idea for my sister and her Italian spouse. The dinner show who stole my husband will be perfect! Peter Rowan will be in Portland the first weekend in Jan as part of the River City BG fest. That should be a good time......but, not nearly as good as NRPS in NJ......sigh again. Sheree

Mizshely said...

Sheree, no problem. I am glad the ads don't bother you. They are supposed to be related to the content of my blog, which I suppose they are because Bleetstein's NRPS merch site pops up all of the time!

We need a tour bus to go to New Jersey, don't we?

And that bracelet, Sheree, I just couldn't believe it. It is gorgeous! I wear it everywhere! Thank you so much again and again and again!