Saturday, December 30, 2006

I think the culprit is... SHRUB, SR.

Isn't he the idiot who announced publicly that he did not like broccoli?

Trailer Full of Broccoli Disappears
By Associated Press

Thu Dec 28, 12:13 AM

VILLA PARK, Ill. - Someone got way more than the recommended daily serving of vegetables when a refrigerated trailer loaded with $50,000 worth of broccoli was stolen.

The 48-foot trailer disappeared from its rented parking space in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park sometime between Sunday and Tuesday morning, police said.

Detective Ed Zorich said the thief was probably after the trailer, not the vegetables.

"What is someone going to do with that amount of produce?" Zorich said. "On the black market, I can't imagine that's something that's worth money to anybody."

Police entered the trailer into a stolen-vehicle database, but had no immediate leads.

"We have homicides happening in town," Zorich said. "We're not really looking for a truck of broccoli right now."


Anonymous said...

I believe it was Shrub himself who made the statement about not liking the stuff. One more thing that we do not have in common. Yum broccoli with a little Spike on it, a staple around here. S

Anonymous said...

You were right it was the senior Shrub....Shortly after becoming president, Mr. Bush declared "No more broccoli on the White House menu" which infuriated broccoli growers who sent tons of the vegetable to the White House in a humorous protest
The stash was given to various food banks in the Washington area
Broccoli was also forbidden on the Air Force One menu, and the famous Reagan jelly bean snacks were replace with pork rinds and a hot sauce dip.