Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Danny Morrison et Al

First of all, my friend, Annie, sent me this hilariously bad picture of Huey Lewis and Danny Morrison, (which of course I feel the need to SHARE):
and now, here is a link to some other pictures from that gig which include my old friend, Chris Goddard, on guitar (Chris was the first person I met at Redwood High School, we were the only two new sophomores and were very hip, if I do say so myself (and I do)). Chris once filled in for David Nelson at a Michael Hunt gig and while I was happy to see Chris, I was really bummed that David didn't make the show. Also pictured here is one time (albeit briefly) NRPS pedal steel player, Bobby Black, Boom-Boom (who was the drummer in the world's worst rock and roll band (I have forgotten their name but that is how they billed themselves back in the early 1980s) and Sean Hopper, whom I certainly did NOT recognize. But bad as these photos are, the real hideous one is poor Huey Lewis. Whatever was he thinking?

Huey is a very nice person - back in the day when the Clover roadies quit and left Bobby (my late husband) out there by himself, Huey offered to ride with Bob so he wouldn't be alone in the equipment truck on the cross-country trip. But really... this photo is bad!

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