Monday, December 18, 2006


It's 5:21 AM and I woke up about ten minutes ago with my infamous - you guessed it - nosebleed. Hadn't happened for almost a week, giving me false hope that the problem had righted itself.

Maybe I worked into the nosebleed thing by Christmas shopping yesterday. I went downtown San Francisco with my sister's best friend, Dante, and he and I hit ALL the stores, bought NOTHING, and had lunch at Colibri. We went to Bloomingdales, which was one of two truly decent stores, and I saw some interesting but not quite right items. Nordstrom was the other good store but the crowds were just too much for me. Saks Fifth Avenue has gone downhill and was horrendous - the store layout, always bad since they moved from Grant Avenue over 20 years ago, was terrible and the stock looked picked over and worn. The worst store of all was Macy's Men on Stockton Street: the store itself needs a makeover, a paint job, and some updating and the merchandise looked old and tired. And in all of the stores: what is up with these extra long men's shoes that have narrow, pointy toes that curl and make everyone who wears them look like the Pied Piper? Truly heinous, as Elle would say in Legally Blonde.

And you know what? I am babbling and my nose is STILL bleeding. I sense a trip to the emergency room.

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