Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christine Ebersole, Victor Talmadge, et al

I was right, I was right... I just LOVE to be right! It was Christine Ebersole last night. I love her. Except when she was Mrs. Anna in that last tour of The King and I that Yul Brynner did. I was appalled at the whole production (but of course, all productions of that show pale in comparison to the tour featuring Hayley Mills as Mrs. Anna (not her best singing but she was good in the role) and "best king I ever see at funeral," Victor Talmadge). Lyn and I try to see Victor Talmadge in everything and we have done a decent job... it is finding him that can be the problem and I still remember the day I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean film - before the movie, they showed a trailer for Hidalgo and I was with someone other than Lyn when I spotted Mr. Talmadge and screamed out loud "THERE'S VICTOR TALMADGE." I can spot him visually and/or by voice but it is tricky - most of the time he is way down at the bottom of the credits as "waiter" or some such thing - this time, he had a real part and was featured prominently in the film preview. Anyway, with regard to the aforementioned outburst, I am sure everyone in San Rafael wondered who the hell Victor Talmadge was and why I cared so loudly!

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Michelle said...

Oh holy geez...goodness gracious, great oceans of fire! Someone else who's actually a big fan of his?! Okay, that post is now just over six years old, but, no matter...if you still have access to the account, I guess it's worth dropping a comment...=) XD Seriously, I don't know why such a distinctive, talented, and handsome man as Mr. Talmadge isn't more widely recognized. Of course, my "favorite actors" (or "favorite anythings") lists tend to be filled with less-popular names, too.

Anyway, I first took notice of Victor in one of my favorite shows EVER--Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Since then I've totally recognized him in a bunch of different TV & film must've been awesome to see him onstage, though. (Especially in a musical; I adore them! He must have been the perfect King!)

Anyways...just wanted to say how cool it was to spot someone else giving him some appreciation. =] Yay!