Monday, November 13, 2006

"News, yes there are news..." use a phrase from The King and I.

I talked to John Dawson on Saturday night for a few minutes. He is still in Mexico and sounds really good. He's planning to come north for the holidays and may be up in time to see the New Riders in Portland. I have mixed feelings about that: it would be great to go to Portland and see John but I really cannot take time from my new job right now, especially with it being tax time and money so tight these days. It would be ever so accommodating if John would come to the Bay Area instead (or in addition).

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you won't be at the Oregon shows! Those dang work obligations.......oh, I guess they do fund the fun. So, the Luke and Laura wedding redo is coming right up! I watched that show EVERY day back then. I had mono and was really sick during the weeks leading up to the wedding so I got to be a couch potato. I remember the Dr. released me to go back to work the very day OF the wedding so I couldn't watch it. I was so upset. Take care! Maybe? we'll see you in December! Sheree