Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Ride Down Mount Morgan

The Ride Down Mount Morgan is the last play written by Arthur Miller before his death. Lyn and I will be going to see it on Wednesday, October 18 because it stars "Best King I Ever See At Funeral" Victor Talmadge (whom we last saw in Brooklyn Boy in August). The play also features Karen Grassle (Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie) - very interesting casting. Anyway, click the links to read about the play itself or the great Mr. Talmadge.

What is a little unsettling is that I bought tickets over the internet choosing "assigned seats" as an option. They did not let me know what the assigned seating would be. The assigned seat option was the cheaper of the two (although the play is not expensive and cost was not the issue). Now I get an email saying something to the effect of "My bad... we meant the pricier seats would be assigned on first come basis and the cheaper seats would be assigned later." THAT sucks. Oh well, it is a small theatre and I think any seats will be fine.


Maggie said...

How was the play?

My friend and I have a message board for Karen Grassle who played Theo in The Road Down Mount Morgan.

Since you were there, we would love to read what you have to say.

Mizshely said...
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Mizshely said...

Thanks for posting, Maggie. Karen was great although I did not recognize her at all. She was very, very funny as the somewhat prudish first Mrs. Felt. The play was very good, far more humorous than I expected it to be, considering it was written by Arthur Miller. It was in a very tiny theatre (8 rows of seats) and we were in the second row, right under Karen's nose most of the time! My friend and I went because we adore Victor Talmadge, who was excellent in the role of Lyman Felt, the bigamist who gets busted by both wives when he crashes his car and ends up in the hospital.