Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Redux

Brian and I en route to Bacich for a Halloween party in 1986 - he was five years old. God, TWENTY YEARS AGO??????????????????????? He is wearing a costume he and his dad made together - Bobby insisted on using real leather and on sewing the buckskin thing by hand with some sort of needle made from bone. I drew a line at the feather headpiece and went down to the store and bought one. All of this because young master McFee did NOT so much like his Evzone costume (which I thought adorable) (okay, perhaps he did not like the tights, the garter, or the foustanella (skirt)) that his grandfather brought him back from Greece. So I am also including the Evzone picture. I think I made a better witch than the person in the photo with the Evzone, though.

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