Sunday, October 29, 2006


On Evangeline records. This is a UK compilation, reissuing songs from "Oh What A Mighty Time," "Home Home on the Road" and "Brujo." It streeted October 17 and you may be able to find it online or to ask your local small record store to order it.

Track Listing
Hi, Hello, How Are You
She’s No Angel
Sunday Susie
Kick In The Head
Truck Drivin’ Man
Hello Mary Lou
Sutter’s Mill
Dead Flowers
School Days
Down In The Boondocks
The Weight
Old Man Noll
Ashes Of Love
You Angel You
Instant Armadillo Blues
Workingman’s Woman
On The Amazon
Big Wheels
Singing Cowboy
Crooked Judge
Parson Brown
Neon Rose
Mighty Time
I Heard You Been Layin’ My Old Lady
Strangers On A Train
Up Against The Wall Redneck
Take A Letter Maria
Little Old Lady
On Top Of Old Smoky
Over And Over
La Bamba
Goin’ Round The Horn
Farewell Angelina

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