Monday, September 25, 2006


I am SOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo mad! Every morning, I come outside to see that the front of my yard is full of cigarette butts. Today, I finally caught the culprit, who is NOT one of the workers from across the street as I had previously thought. No, this BRIGHT BULB was sitting at the edge of my lawn, IN my rock garden, smoking a cigarette while the baby she is supposedly in charge of was parked in a stroller IN THE STREET.

I ran out the door and told her that I do no allow smoking on my property. That, and she was trespassing and needed to leave IMMEDIATELY. Followed by "And you are putting that child's life at risk. You should be reported." To her credit, she understood every word, said "Oh sorry" and left - thankfully pushing the stroller on the sidewalk.

I am sorry. First of all, smoking is the very bane of my existence. I can smell it four houses away and I do not tolerate it at all. Second, quite likely illegal alien nannies who have no consideration for the children with whom they are charged should be sent packing. And if you cannot afford to stay at home with your own child or to hire competent, legal help, then for God's sake practice birth control because you have NO BUSINESS bringing a child into this world.

There. I guess my days as a bleeding heart liberal are numbered. But not really. I believe both in the right to choose and the sanctity of life for those lives which are already here. THAT CHILD'S LIFE was at risk, both from second hand smoke and by virtue of being belted into a stroller which was sitting in the street. If that child's mother only knew.


Sheree said...

I don't like smoking either.......especially around young kids. I had to chuckle to myself though, because the last cigarette I had.....and I am not a regular smoker.... was with David, and I bummed it off him because he was smoking....Indian Chiefs or one of those brands.....that cigarette tasted so good.....or maybe it was just the company! I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your job. Have your nosebleeds stopped? Do you own the house yet or does the house own you. Thats kinda how we feel. There is always something! I can relate to the tree story.....we lost a 150 foot fir tree in our front yard in that huge wind storm of ' wiped out the neighbors garage and poked a hole in the next neighbors roof. Then we had to cut one down that had been damaged in the storm. What a mess. So far the others are standing proudly and hopefully will continue to do so for the next 100 years. Take care! Come to Portland!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hi in that last post.....I've never done this before so I'm not sure if I did it right.