Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rick Springfield - June 30, 2006

Damn! I am such a teenybopper at heart. But Rick actually put on a great show, more new wave meets punk meets metal than bubblegum. And what energy he has. Dr. Noah Drake in person, my heart is still fluttering.

Now that I have made everybody sick, look at this picture! I managed to turn Rick Springfield into The Cyclops. This was taken when he came out into the audience and stood on the chair in front of me. He was singing and playing his guitar and lost his footing and fell toward me. He grabbed my shoulder. I may never wash that blouse again.

Thank God for cell phone photography. Wish I could master that art, though! I think I need a new phone.

Rick is great on cell phones - he grabbed someone's cell from the audience and used it as a slide on the guitar before picking it up and calling one of the people in the directory. Can you imagine getting a call from Rick Springfield, mid-concert!!! I am sure Frank Whomever (the call-ee) was underwhelmed but I thought it terribly cool.


mia said...

I love that photo, La Mizzelle... It is a genuine example of Photorealism! Giggle2X. In fact, I have actually SEEN a fellow up close and personal who appeared exactly the same way! I assumed it was a trick of the moonlight, but maybeee?

... Maybe! Springfield really IS a Cyclops! ... Perhaps he's just been passing himself off as Human!


When I first read your post on the DNB bbs; my brain instantly brought up an extremely visual memory of the stripper/ stage version of that Tubes song: "Don't Touch Me There'! Who was it doing the chick vocals during their 1970's shows?

I wonder if that song is available for Karioke? Wow! It would bring the house down.... If I was tied to blackboard as the woman was for the Tubes production; At least I would not be able to Run Away from stage frigh! hahaha. THAT is a joke.

I would not feel too apologetic about a past pant-pant toward Rick Springfield; at least he has not turned into an embarassing, no-talent blob as so many of our former TV boyhunkas have.

Mizshely said...

Well, I am not the least apologetic with regards to Mr. Springfield... after all, he too is a 1949-er and older than I by two full months and six days. Looks a lot better than me, though.

What a talent and what energy. I wish I had 1/2 that much energy. I loved "Don't Talk to Strangers" and "I've Done Everything For You (You've Done Nothing For Me)" among other stuff. His new material is great as well and he is actually a pretty fair guitarist (although not in a class with misters Nelson and Sless).