Friday, June 02, 2006

Off to Mecca

I'm getting ready to "pack my cat and haul away..." oops! My bad, "pack my DOG and haul away..." (sorry Robert Hunter) for a few days anyway. Heading south with all good intentions of seeing Best King I Ever See at Funeral (Victor Talmadge) in Pasadena.

I'm SO tired... came home and flipped on the DVR to watch Kendall lying there in a coma after giving birth via c-section to Spike, her (artificially inseminated as a gift to her friend, Greenlee, who fled town last thanksgiving) son with Ryan Lavery while her husband, Zach Slater, looked on helplessly. Kendall is fading fast although I am sure she will recover in good time. Ryan is finally starting to look more human and less like Frankenstein's monster but he still gives me the raving flucks. I do enjoy looking at Thorsten Kaye, however. Irish poets are always a big deal with me.

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