Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Muslim Sense of Humor (or lack thereof)

I received the following message from Buddy Cage recgarding the great cartoon controversy surrounding the cartoon drawing of a Muslim with a bomb in his turban. I wasn't aware that the press had suppressed the story because *I* certainly had heard about it. The issue of the cartoon (or the Muslim response to it) had been bothering me anyway so I have written some of MY thoughts below the original message. Anybody out there? What do YOU tihnk?

morfee10009 wrote

By not publishing this, the Media throughout the US is denying their readers/viewers the opportunity to make an informed judgement about the cartoon controversy.

The fact that this inoffensive cartoon (and 3 others) have caused murder and riots throughout the world is a major news story that sheds light on the intolerance of these Muslim extremists.

And what are they offended by? That their Prophet Muhammad has been portrayed as a terrorist with a bomb for a turban. About as tame as it gets in the world of cartoon satire,. if you ask me.

So how do the Muslims respond to this "injustice" With acts
terrorism against the press, embassies and innocent bystanders.

If it makes no sense to you...I don't think you are alone. The cowardly US Media is to scared too.

I have been thinking about this very issue all morning, both in light of a film which I recently saw called "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" and in light of certain episodes of the tv show, "South Park." I thought the film made some excellent points in the way it described the world view of the U.S. and our supposed "sense of humor" which does not translate well to other cultures. The ability to poke fun at religious icons without fear of reprisal is a concept foreign to many cultures who do not enjoy the same freedoms of speech as those of us lucky enough to live in democratic societies. That being said, the cartoons were in extremely poor taste and I have to wonder if in fact they were generated with the intent of creating worldwide havoc - they certainly have done so.

Now consider the uptight and idiotic religious right extremes in the United States. As politically off-base and ludicrous as those people can be, there were no mass terrorist reactions to the portrayals of Jesus Christ on "South Park" (especially that episode which pitted Jesus against Santa). There were no suicide bombings from the religious right, not so much of a whimper about the whole thing, really, probably because in large part that segment of the population does not watch "South Park."

The conspiracy theorist in me has to wonder if the Muslim cartoons were generated by extremists as a way to motivate Jihadists worlwide.

Idiots, all of 'em.


Anonymous said...

Interesting points, Mizshely. One exception I would point out re. nobody getting upset about religious satire on South Park is the current hoopla re. Tom Cruise (urp) and the Scientology episode. According to internet rumor and South Park creators' announcements, Viacom/Comedy Channel's decision to pull the South Park Scientology episode ("Come out of the closet, Tom" "But I don't wanna come out of the closet!" ...Gene Hackman and Napolean Dynamite really ARE cooler than Tom Cruise--Matt and Trey are geniuses, or at least among the funniest writers on tv right now) as a result of Cruise's threat not to tour talkshows in support of his insipid upcoming MI3 (2nd only to Rambo in terms of most UNwanted threequel) release unless Comedy Central pulled the re-airing of South Park, is a definite form of censorship towards those who poke fun at organized religion. Woe unto those who spit on South Park; the bitter wind of satire'll blow it back, as the recent dismemberment of scientology-espousing ex-SP character Chef/Isaac Hayes demonstrates. Evil Chef as Darth Vader: too much, too true, and better, too funny.

Mizshely said...

Well, I was speaking to the religious right, not Scientology (Which in my estimation is religious WRONG no matter HOW you slice it). It does not surprise me that the Church of Scientology was able to lobby for censorship of South Park - they are one of the most poweful entities in Hollywood. I did always wonder why, if the Scientologists were so EVOLVED, they had to separate the peons from the celebrity members by creating an exclusive Celebrity Centre where all those goobers could go get "audited" without fear of harrassment from the general populace. Yuck.