Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Upcoming Gigs of Interest (at least, to ME)

Petey Albin emailed me that Big Brother will be playing at the Brookdale Lodge on September 2 and at Petaluma Veteran's Memorial at the Petaluma Fairgrounds on MY birthday, October 29. Gee, seems to me that the Veteran's Memorial was not at the Fairgrounds but at the other end of Petaluma... I saw Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs there in the late 70s. But I could be wrong or things could have changed. I know there is some building at the Fairgrounds where my mom used to play Bingo.

And how cool... the Petaluma gig is right down the street from David Nelson's house so who knows, maybe he will stop by if he is in town!

There is the possibility of another tribute to Chet Helms set for Golden Gate Park (probably Speedway Meadows) October 30. Free! Outside. Like the old days.

And Earl Scruggs will be in town in October for the San Francisco Bluegrass show in Golden Gate Park. I can hardly wait for THAT!!!!

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