Saturday, August 20, 2005

Peter Rowan, Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen at The Mystic Theatre

Argh! I went to this show expecting to see the new Peter Rowan Acoustic Trio consisting of Peter, Chris and Herb. Big Surprise. The advertising was misleading.

I thoroughly enjoyed Herb and Chris and their band - each in his own right is always good and this group was smoking. Thoroughly wonderful, excellent singing, beautiful harmony. But all night I kept thinking, "when is Peter coming out." Surprise surprise surprise (to quote the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, USMC). Peter's trio, while good, consisted of Peter and two unknowns. That would have been fine but I only lasted through two of their songs because:

The drunken bimbos standing toward the back of the room became so loud and obnoxious that I couldn't hear anything Peter sang or said. They had been rowdy all night but apparently, thought they were in their living room and that it was their God-given right to drown out the performers with constant chatter (during the songs and while Peter was speaking) . Couple that with a group of ne'r-do-wells who decided it was THEIR God-given right, despite the laws of the state and land, to light cigarettes and pot inside the theatre. Hey, assholes: you have a right to get high - go to your car and light up all you want. But you do NOT have the right to affect my ability to breathe in a public place, at least, so says the law of the land. The theatre management did not necessarily agree and I complained to deaf ears. I left after the second song. I heard that all of my complaints only got worse as the show progressed.

I love Peter Rowan and have for over 30 years. But this show, through no fault of Peter's, was awful.


Anonymous said...

hey mizshely, how about posting a pic of yourself, so those of us who have become aware of you over years can see you. just want to put a face to the name, thats all. thanks in advance! -Rick B.

Mizshely said...

Hey Rick Baker, if you look back to the posts from March, April and May of this year, there are some old photos of me in there. Of course, I look more like Roseanne Barr now. You can also find me in David Gans' book, "Playin' in the Band" - I'm Miss Keith in that photo of the girls in bathing suits onstage with the Dead at the Orpheum. Bill Graham was Mr. Donna.