Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ryan and Greenlee and "All My Children"

Sheesh! I am SO sick of Ryan and Greenlee. Get over your silly selves already. Somewhere along the way, everyone started referring to Ryan as good and honest and Mr. Wonderful. What a crock when we all know the truth: when he first came to Pine Valley, he was a motorcycle riding grifter. I never understood how he and Greenlee got to be such good friends so suddenly. And then to get married as just friends and fall in love. Oh, please!

As far as I am concerned, Greenlee could go back in her rabbit hole and drink another bottle of something psychedelic. She irritates the hell out of me, especially her attitude of entitlement. And for that matter, what makes Saint Ryan think he can come down all over Kendall for telling Greenlee that he had a vasectomy? Somehow, he is blaming Kendall for his problems just because Green-Pea wheedled it out of her. Sheesh! There is more than one weasel skulking about!

And poor Kendall. Married to Zach Slater when she really loves his son, Ethan. Of course, that was her own doing. But I mean, REALLY... Actually, Zach (Thorsten Kaye, formerly poet Patrick Thornheart (sigh) on One Life to Live) is a much better score than wimpy, self-absorbed Ethan Ramsey/Cambias. Especially when my sister told me that the actor who play Ethan, James Scott, was married to her friend in order to get a green card and as soon as he got the card and the part on All My Children, he dumped her friend and never paid her a red cent. There James Scott, you have been outed. Here you are, a big star on the most popular soap in TV history and your poor wife is working as a waitress at the Bonaventure in L.A. Shame. Be a man, even Cambias style: pay up already.

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