Saturday, June 11, 2005

Other June Events

June 3 - The anniversary of the day Tilbert Mersch passed away. Tilbert was like a brother to me and he was my sister's long time significant other. We still miss him all the time - he was one of the good guys.

June 5 - My sister's birthday. She will always be 21 months younger than I. I don't know why my mother always said 18 months (which I took to be gospel for YEARS).

June 6 - Peter Albin's birthday. He still looks like a baby.

June 7 - David Torbert's birthday (1948). Also my parents' wedding anniversary (the same year).

June 12 - David Nelson's birthday (1943).

June 13 - The eighth anniversary of my father's passing. It's still very painful - by all rights, he should still be here. He died 23 years younger than his father was when he died. I thought it was supposed to go the other way. And my dad was always so health conscious - how could he get a brain tumor!

June 13 - Sally Mann's birthday (we don't put years, do we, Sally!). Also, the birthday of Boots the pyrotechnician for the Grateful Dead back in the day.

June 16 - John "Marmaduke" Dawson's birthday.

June 18 - Paul McCartney's birthday. Don't ask why I still care about THAT.

June 18 - this year: two weddings. Heather LeMarr, the daughter of my long time friend Patti, will marry her significant other, Nelson in Los Angeles. And in New York, Patrick Wilson will break a lot of hearts when he marries Dagmara Domincyzk.

June 20 - My mother's birthday. Or more accurately, the anniversary of her birth.

June 23 - My baby, Koukla, will be 8 years old. Seems like only yesterday...


AStrait said...

On June 13-05:

notice the page rank on the Google toolbar for your page!

Lurkers may not comment, but as Master Yoda would say "counted, they are."

Mizshely said...

Where do I find the page rank? I didn't know I had one!

Hope all is well, was just going to write you about how we cannot change the solstice dates, only the dates for celebration. Perhaps they will have to be "midsummer night's dreams..." I see David as a really good wall...