Thursday, June 23, 2005

Life Sucks/Life Is Good Again/Life Sucks

A Major Bummer
Does this merry-go-round ever slow down? I read in the paper that my friend, Doug Smith died. He was a d.j., a tour manager, a promoter, and I worked with him at City Hall Records for a brief time in 1999 (he lasted there I think, 4 weeks). Anyway, Doug was coming back from the Russian River Blues Festival and wiped out on his motorcycle. RIP Doug.

A Minor High
Comcast came by and installed a DVR machine. I can now record my soaps again and even better, I don't have to have the TV on to do so. Stupid digital TV system did not allow me to program ahead and just tape... God forbid. I think they finally worked out that kink but by that time, my VCR was shot

And Another Bummer
Chet Helms had a stroke. I hope he is okay and that he has a full and speedy recovery.

Sodden Thought
Perhaps I better be nicer to my friends, they are dropping like flies.


mia said...

Last night on a late beer run to the drugstore, I made a comment to the clerk when he asked me; "How was my day'? He's a youngish flirty fellow prolly under 30 and I said: "I had a good day! Weather was sorta Summer-like and I encountered a bunch of folks I hadn't seen in quite a while and Yaknow? When you get past 40 one begins to wonder IF they are deceased whereas in the past we used to think they might be in jail... (hah)

The kid goes: "Huh!!?' like he never heard of people dying under 75 years old from causes other than Gangwarshootings or Govn't sponsored wardeath... He goes: "What would they die from?'

I replied: "There's all sorts of deadly illnesses, and severe medical conditions that can kill folks Way Before their time-> THAT is a real good argument for taking good care of your health/ habits while in your teens/ twenties so you 'might' live to be an RealOldMan.'

It blows me away HOW Many People who live outside of CA and are not a fans of popular music are So Ignorant of the way the Reaper has been harvesting the 40-60 yrs old generations... And much of the death toll has come about due to lack of proper medical care.

Makes me want to KICK some doors in!

Sorry LaMiz I ran off @ the mouth/ this topic is a big peeve of mine :) feel free to delete it ifyawantto

Mizshely said...

Well Mia, I know what you mean about medical care. I have good health insurance, probably the best at this point - Medicare. Nobody refuses me. But I have to pay a portion of the negoiated rate and some doctors don't take it any more because of billing snafus.

Our fearless leader has no medical ins. at this time and it worries me to death that he will get sick. I hope he chooses to take better care of himself - actually, all things considered and everything, he is the healthiest one of the bunch - including the DNB and what is left of the New Riders.