Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ann Murray - Nobody is Sacred on this Board!!!

A recent post over on the DNB website brought to mind the one and only time I ever saw Ann Murray in person. It was the mid 1970s and the Earl Scruggs Revue was coming to town. My friend, Lyn, and I were supposed to go over to their hotel but we hadn't heard from them and neither had Earl's wife, Louise. Louise called and said she didn't know what hotel they would check into but she knew the boys wanted to go to the Boarding House (a club in San Francisco) to see Ann Murray.

So, Lyn and I high tailed it over to the Boarding House where we talked our way into the club by telling the door man we were there to meet the Scruggs boys (well, we thought we were!). We watched the show but no Scruggses... bummed, we went back to Marin. I dropped Lyn at her place and went on home where I discovered a message from the band - the name of their hotel, etc. And the person who took the message told me that Marmaduke's wife, Elanna, had called right after the Revue and she had told Elanna where they were. It was already 2 in the morning. I called Lyn and dashed over to get her -- we went straight to the hotel in Berkeley. Elanna was there, too, and the boys were very upset that we took so long to get there.

"Where were you?" Why, we went to see Ann Murray. Where were YOU? "Here, waiting for you to come take us to the gig." Yet another case of missed and missing signals on the part of all concerned

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